College management

Empowering the leaders of tomorrow with knowledge and skills for a brighter future

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Vikram Singh Mentor Rajvir Singh
2 Shri Rajvir Singh President Rajvir Singh
3 Shri Ajaypal Singh Vice president Shri Ajaypal Singh
4 Shri Vinod Kumar Secretary Shri Vinod Kumar
5 Shri Rajendra Pal Singh Vice secretary Shri Rajendra Pal Singh
6 Shri Jaikumar Singh Cashier Shri Jaikumar Singh
7 Shri Ruli Singh Member Shri Ruli Singh
8 Shri Sudhir Kumar Member Shri Sudhir Kumar
9 Shri Sandeep Soam Member Shri Sandeep Soam
10 Shri Nakul Kumar Member Nakul Kumar
11 Shri Krishnapal Singh Member Rajvir Singh
12 Shri Janm Singh Member Shri Janm Singh

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